Choosing the right space for the morning of your wedding day.

This is usually not a priority for brides when choosing their wedding venue, but I wanted to add a few tips on what to look for when choosing your space. Many venues come with a space for the bridal party to get ready and spend the majority of their day. You may not realize this, but you may spend up to 6-8 hours of your day in this space! Getting ready usually starts around 9 am and can last until after 1 pm. After photos you will be back in this space before the ceremony. All of your belongings will also be conveniently located here as well as you never know when you will need a makeup touch-up or a change of shoes. As we scroll through a few photos I will add what to look for when choosing this space.

Adequate lighting

A good photographer can make a low light situation work, but it is best for photos to have some natural light coming in. Nice big windows (at least 1) and light colored walls help to have the beautiful lighting you want.

One of my favorite spaces for great lighting the upstairs of the Woodlands in Bozeman. This newly renovated space is bright and white and also includes a kitchen and a couple rooms to stash extra items in.

Enough space for all your bridal party and family

Things get crammed quickly! Just a caution to think this through. Your whole bridal party, family members. and all who will be there helping with hair and makeup. And don't forget the photographer and videographer. That can add up quickly! Clutter can also add up quickly. Everyone who comes will have a bag with them. As the photographer, I will work to keep clutter out of the background of photos.

A few of my favorite spaces that are provided by the venue include the Round Barn in Twin Bridges. The houses that are provided for both bridal parties are perfect. A couple bedrooms for all of your things, nice big windows, and subtle decor. The porch around the front of the main house also has beautiful lighting.

Another favorite is Foster Creek Farm in Bozeman. The bridal suite has gorgeous white wood paneling on the walls and the best wall of mirrors (pictured above with the green bridesmaids dresses.) There is also a great room in the back with mirrors and lighting for hair and makeup.


Do you like a rustic look or bright, light and airy?

The space you choose will affect your photos. Another favorite space of mine is at the Copper K Barn in Whitehall. I wanted to show the warm tones that come with this space! This room is a little darker, but it makes for beautiful photos. And to top it off, it does have air conditioning. So for the July wedding, you will be very pleased to jump in here and cool off during the day.

Below will be a brighter look for a space. These photos are taken at Foster Creek Farm in Bozeman. This bridal suite has bright white walls and nice windows. It's a great space as I have already mentioned it earlier, worth mentioning again ;)

VRBO's and houses

There are a lot of venues out there that do not come with a bridal suite so your options may be a "friends house" or a VRBO or AirBnb. When thinking about these spaces I want to you to focus on lighting and clutter. Again, think light colored walls and a couple big windows. A foldable mirror may also be a good idea to bring along if there is not one already. Mirror space fill up quickly, and a big one is also great for putting on your dress.

Creating a fun environment

This is maybe the most important one. Be prepared for this day and create a stress free environment. Have some fun music playing and grab some mimosas. Oh, and don't forget to eat. Have a family member be in charge of setting food and drinks up for everyone. Family and friends want to be there for you and be helpful on your big day.