Come with an open mind

Step 1. Come with an open mind and don't be nervous. Okay, everyone gets a little nervous when put in front of a camera. You probably haven't been photographed since your senior year of high school. Even I get a little camera shy and act like I don't know what to do when the role is reversed! My goal at each session is to leave you feeling relaxed and more confident in having your photos taken on your wedding day.

Step 2

Have fun with it.

I am going to ask you to run, walk as fast as you can, twirl around in circles, kiss as fast as you can, or maybe whisper your favorite McDonald's order in your fiancés ear.

My goal is to keep you moving and laughing and being as candid as possible.

End the day with something fun!

After your session is done, plan on a special date night, dinner, or drinks and discuss your wedding day timeline. Chances are, I may have brought up the timeline of your day. Have the discussion on how you would like your wedding day to flow and what is important to each of you.